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91 thoughts on “VIP Readers List

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  10. amanda

    I loved this book. Can’t wait for book 2!!! I love how possessive Roman is. It is so sexy having him be such a dominant sex god.

    October 5th? Is that when you are having book 2 come out? Can’t wait!!!!


  11. Kim Roth

    hi Lisa I am unable to find the second book of “cousins” on kindle do you know why this may be? Please help I loved your book and really would enjoy reading more thank you

    1. Lisa Lang Blakeney Post author

      Hi Kim. The second book is being released on October 5th. Please join my list to be notified. I may release it for preorder earlier.

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  18. Liz Heinen Name

    I absolutely LOVE your books. i,ve been SEARCHING for an author of your calibre. U remind me so much of my other favourite author, LYNDA CHANCE. U both have strong Alpha Males and strong women. LOVE the combustible chemistry!! Cant wait for more books from you, Lisa!! Wow!

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  26. Penny

    Loved reading both the Cousins books. As soon as I finished book one I was straight on to book two, so glad I didn’t have to wait! Really am going to miss them and their friends, so if you think you could find another book or two that would be awesome.

    1. Lisa Lang Blakeney Post author

      I’m going to check if you’re already on the list Katia. If you are then it won’t work. Unfortunately they don’t have a notice that says “already subscribed” when someone tries to subscribe again.

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  36. Jessie Wells

    Great reads…I read all 3 books over the last two days! Definite page turners!!! Do you have an approximate release date for Camden and Jade’s story? Also do you have plans for a Sloan and Cutter book?

    I’m an avid, fast reader and would love to Beta read or receive ARC books if you are looking for readers.

    Thanks for sharing your stories

  37. Dolores

    I’ve actually gotten round to reading Cousins in Love Lisa and absolutely adored it 💚 you’ve done ANOTHER JOB WELL DONE 😍
    Can’t wait to read Jade and Camden’s story next, ESPECIALLY after reading what a jerk he’s being 😆
    My reviews are up x

  38. Cynthia Johnson

    I loved all three books. I keep going back to read them over again. The characters seem so real to me it feels like I’m spending time with good friends. I first read all 3 books while I was staying at the hospital with my daughter. The story really helped me over those couple of days. I was able to escape for just a little while. You are extremely talented and I really enjoy your work. I can’t wait for your next books to come out. Please keep up the great work

    1. Lisa Lang Blakeney Post author

      Thank you so much Cynthia. So glad Roman was able to provide a little “escape” from the real world, and I hope your daughter is doing okay. Have an amazing weekend!

  39. Lorrie Oliver

    Lisa I loved these 3 books they were great. I can’t wait for the next ones to come out. I loved Roman and couldn’t wait to see how much he wanted to be a better man for Elizabeth. Keep them coming I want to see how Sloan and Jade’s stories work out. Lorrie Oliver

  40. Darlene Roach

    Lisa; I’m a new fan from Philly. I’ve just read the Cousins box set and Gunslinger. They were both awesome books and I love that you keep it close to home. I especially loved Roman and Elizabeth and hope you continue their story in Sloan and Jade’s stories. I have one critique though…I wish the books were longer. I wouldn’t mind paying more for a longer book with no cliffhanger. The box set was perfect because I didn’t have to stop. Well almost perfect because I didn’t want it to end yet. Great job Lisa!!

    1. Lisa Lang Blakeney

      Hi Darlene.
      Thanks so much for the feedback. So glad you enjoyed Roman and Elizabeth’s story. I’m working on Jade and Camden next. I appreciate your feedback about the cliffhanger and length of books. I hope to bring your more stories soon. Philly style:)

  41. Rossita

    I enjoyed reading gunslinger read it twice it was funny in part you could almost see this in happening in real life. First got into your books after reading cousin I am now hooked

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  43. Jennifer L Lessard

    Not sure if this is where we are suppose to post for the rafflecopter giveaway but it’s where I am posting. I love my Alpha Males tall, dark and handsome with dirty mouths and even dirtier minds!

  44. Danyelle Wadsworth

    I hope this is the right place for the raffecoppter giveaway! I like everything about an alpha male. Strong willed, dominant, tattooed up, and a dirty mouth!! That is how I like my alpha males!! Thanks for the chance

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