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One of major struggles as a fiction author is probably distraction and when I become distracted,  I have found one of the ways that I can get myself back on track is to read something inspirational from another fellow author. Sometimes it’s as simple as seeing that one of my favorite authors has recently published a new book and already she has a 100 four or five star reviews. That gives me encouragement.

Other times I need to dig a little deeper and I may visit that author’s Facebook page or their website. When I’m doing that I’m looking for any sort of motivational gem I can find, not just a post about their latest release and the links where I can buy their books. I’ve already bought their books:) I’m just looking for a peak into their writing process or their marketing process. Just a glimpse is all I need. And sometimes I find that.

So I thought it would be cool to share those nuggets of wisdom that I find with you as I come across them. Maybe you’ll find as much encouragement from them as I do.

*Please note that this page will have a running and current list of all of the tidbits I find and publish, but each motivational piece will be it’s own post. So check back here often for the links to new items or you can join my list and I will notify you via email each time I publish a new post.

1. H.M. Ward
2. Kristen Ashley

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