Dak Bonus

Dirty Dak Bonus Epilogue


“What you’re wearing is obscene, Doc.”

“What’s obscene is this house you’ve rented for us. I grew up in California my entire life and never saw it quite like this. This view is spectacular.”

I’m standing barefoot in a tiny cut-off Nighthawks jersey and black thong, in the middle of the largest California-styled mansion I’ve ever seen. The house, which is made of mostly white marble floors and enormous glass windows, sits on the edge of a cliff near the Pacific Ocean. It’s practically paradise.

“Only the best for my wife,” Dak purrs in my ear as he lovingly rubs my ass, then wraps his arm around my waist.

“Are you sure this is the best use of your money considering–”

“My new contract is signed, sealed and delivered, baby. My lawyer verified it. I’m worth over 141 million dollars. Correction, we’re worth over 141 million dollars.”

“I can’t even fathom that kind of wealth.” My eyes blink in awe.

“Well, you better start fathoming it because I don’t plan on letting it all sit in an investment account.”

“Is that right?” I turn around in his arms and raise a questioning eyebrow.

“Don’t get me wrong. I’ve learned from my past mistakes. I’ve already set up a massive trust for Bella and a retirement account for my folks. And if you’re agreeable to it, I’d like to set aside something for your sister’s family as well.”

“Dak–” I cut him off in protest because while I appreciate the gesture, I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be with him handing out his hard-earned money to members of my family, even little Nate.

“Maybe just a million?” He grins. “It’s for Nate’s future.”

I chuckle.

“So I’m the bad auntie if I say no?”


“Fine, I’m sure Pat and Bobby will be so appreciative.”

“Perfect, and then the rest is for us to play with… unless, of course, we have another child.”

“We’ve talked about this, Dak.”

“I know. I know. You want to connect with Bella more before bringing another child into our lives.”


“Can’t you stop being a therapist for one moment?”

“I’m not thinking like a therapist. I’m thinking like a mother would who wants the best for all of her children.” 

“But what if bringing another child into our lives is the exact thing we need to strengthen the connection between you two?” He asks while hooking his finger beneath my thong and pulling me forward.

My crotch quickly dampens as it always does whenever this man, my brand-new husband, touches me.

“Let me just enjoy you for a moment,” I grin lovingly.

“Oh, you want me all to yourself, Doc?”

“Being a wife is very new to me. I need to practice.”

He runs his knuckle gently between my folds.

“You’re getting so fucking good at practice, though.”

“Really? Well, maybe there’s nothing left for me to learn?” I shrug my shoulders playfully, attempting to turn away even as my legs wobble like noodles from his caress.

He yanks me back into his embrace and stares dangerously at me with those bottomless dark eyes of his.

“There’s always shit I can teach you, Doc,” he growls, his voice low and husky.

A shiver runs down my spine as he leans in closer to me, his minty breath hot against my neck. His hands wander like they often do, one exploring underneath the jersey I’m wearing and the other playing with my pussy. I let out a soft moan as his fingers work in tandem. One tracing the curves of my breasts, and the other deliciously working my clit. 

He whispers in my ear, “I want to take you right here, right now, in your brand-new living room. Would you like that? I know your wet pussy would.”

I nod, unable to resist the desire that’s coursing through my veins. He pushes me up against the large glass window overlooking the crashing waves of the Pacific Ocean, his lips hungry and demanding as they find mine. Our tongues dance together in a passionate embrace as he lifts me up, my legs wrapping around his waist.


“What, baby?”

“You said in my brand new living room. What do you mean by that?”

“That’s what you’re thinking about?” he asks incredulously as he peppers kisses along my neck. “I must be losing my touch.”


“Okay, this is your house.”

“What do you mean, my house?”

“I bought it.”

“But we live in New York.”

“Yeah, but you hate it there.”

“I don’t hate it.” Not now that I have wonderful memories of places Dak and I have visited all over the city. New York feels a lot different now. “And you play football in New York. I’m building my practice in New York.”

After everything that happened between me and Dr. John, there was no way I could stay as a clinician at Well Minds. Dr. John wanted to be in bed with the NFL so badly, his ethics were obviously for sale and then there’s me…a therapist who became romantically involved with her client. Not a good look. Which is why Dak came up with a brilliant but frightening idea for me to start my own practice. 

So I thought about it. Why not me? I’m not for sale and I’m already with the man of my dreams. What did I have to lose? So in the midst of planning our intimate New York wedding (just a few close family and friends), I started looking for an office space.

“Yes, our lives are in New York, but this is our west coast vacation home. Whenever you want to fly home and visit Pat and Nate, you can bring Butters, and you can all stay here. I already looked into the commute. It’s only a twenty-minute drive for them, excluding highway traffic, of course.”

My eyes blur as I digest everything my wonderful husband has just said, and it only makes me love the man more than I already do. The way he cares about me and my happiness is incredible. Even Pat agrees in the blunt way that only she would.

“Meeting Dak was totally worth moving to New York and getting tricked by the dead guy, Trina. You’ve got a good one. Don’t mess it up.”


“Yes, Doc?”

“Can you fuck me now?” I smile.

“Right here against the window?”

“Actually, let’s move this to the couch. It’s going to take me a while to thank you properly. I want you to be comfortable.”

Dak smiles wickedly as he carries me over to the couch, laying me down gently as he pulls off his shirt and kicks off his basketball shorts, revealing his chiseled body and perfect dick. I’ve seen his nude body countless times, but I can’t help but stare, my heart racing with excitement.

He’s so beautiful.

Dak climbs on top of me, his body pressing against mine as he wraps one of his massive hands possessively around my throat and takes a kiss from me. A kiss I relinquish willingly and ravenously. 

I allow my hands to explore every ripple of his back as he carefully pulls my thong down my legs. When I motion to take my jersey off, his thick voice orders me not to.

“Keep it on and turn around. Ass over the edge of the couch. Hands on the wall.”

“I’m not trying to get marks on my new walls,” I jest, a flirty tone in my voice.

He gives one of my ass cheeks an unexpected smack that sends a ripple of want straight to my core.

“That mouth of yours, Doc.”

“Could be wrapped around your dick right now,” I turn my head around and say.

“If you want me to make love to you properly, you’ll shut that mouth of yours and keep your hands on the wall, greedy girl.”

“Awww, husband–”

“That’s it,” he gripes and grabs my hips, pulling them toward his angry penis. “No love making for you, Mrs. Warner. Prepare to be fucked.”

I slap my hands against the wall and groan with pleasure when Dak plunges himself completely inside of me. I’m just catching my breath when he pulls out and then rams himself inside my pussy again.

“Dak,” I whisper in delicious agony.

“Is there something you wanted to say to me, baby?”

“Thank you.”

He continues to push his thick member in and out of me with firm strokes as I grow wetter.

“What’s that?”

“Thank you for buying this house for me.”

“There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you, you know that, right?”

With his hand wrapped around me, he delicately squeezes one of my nipples while working my pussy at an angle. I spread my knees so he has even deeper access. He knows I love it like this.

“That’s it. Open that sweet pussy wide for me.”

“Oh, god,” I moan.

“You want all this dick, don’t you, Mrs. Warner?”

“Yes, I love it.”

“I know you do,” he chuckles mercilessly. “That’s why I’m going to give it to you as often as you want. All you have to do is ask.”

My legs are getting wobbly as my orgasm grows close. This position always brings me to completion quicker than most.

“Dak, I’m going to come.”

Suddenly he pulls out.

“Dak, please!”

He bends down, peppering kisses on each of my ass cheeks.

“I love this ass,” he compliments as he uses his hands to turn me around to face him. “But I want to see your face when you come for me in our new home.”

He lifts me up as if I’m as light as a feather and straddles me on his lap.

“Eyes on me, Doc.”

Without damn near blinking, I stare at my beautiful husband as I lower myself down on his hard length. Honestly, it’s difficult to do. I want to close my eyes and relish the experience, but I know I need to stay connected with the man giving me the experience. So…eyes open.

“That’s it, baby. Now work that pussy for me.”

I wind my hips like I’m at a basement reggae party and enjoy as my husband does his best to stave off his orgasm so that we can come together.

“Fuck, Trina, are you almost there?”

“There’s no fast-tracking this,” I tease. “I’m going to come when I’m ready to come.”

He wraps his hand around my throat, gently pressing his thumb at the base.

“Don’t therapist talk me, Doc. Remember, in the bedroom, I’m the one in charge.”

My breasts feel heavy in my hands as I work my hips in slow, deliberate circles.

“Are you really in charge?” I retort seductively. 

His head falls back as he mutters an inexplicable curse or prayer. I’m not sure which.

He brings a few fingers to my clit as I continue to fuck him in an effort to bring me to climax quicker. It works because in less than fifteen seconds, I’m screaming his name.


He grunts loudly as my body violently contracts with my release.

He runs a hand down the side of my face, both of us panting. 

“I love you so much, Dak.” 

“I love you more.” He grins.

“It’s not a contest,” I chuckle to myself, always the competitive athlete.

“But if it were, I’d be the winner, hands down.”

For the rest of that night and into the early morning hours, we explore each room of the house in every way imaginable, basically marking our territory. 

And as the sun rises over the ocean cliffs, I know without a doubt that I’ve found my family, my lover, my everything.

Then I throw up.

When Dak finds me in the morning, I’m slumped over one of the prettiest toilet bowls I’ve ever seen.

“Are those actual gold accents on the toilet?” I ask gruffly as he stands in the doorway, staring at me.

“You ask the oddest questions at the weirdest times.”

“I’m naturally inquisitive.”

“Why the hell are you on the floor looking half dead? We didn’t have that much wine last night.”

I don’t verbally respond, but simply point to a testing strip on the sink counter. I had the local pharmacy make a delivery of saltines, ginger ale, and a test kit early this morning.

“Holy shit!” he exclaims. “You’re pregnant?”

Holy shit is right.

“That low-dose birth control pill doesn’t work. I’m suing my gynecologist. I’m suing everybody!”

Dak wets a white washcloth folded on the counter with warm water and wipes my face down, then scoops me up in his arms.

“You’re not going to sue anyone, beautiful. This is just fate at work. We’re supposed to fill this house with babies.”

“Just so you know, we just had sex in this future baby’s nursery.”

“We blessed it with our indomitable spirit,” he chuckles as he lays me down on the bed in the main suite, unable to hide his pure glee. “Now get some rest.”

And while I feel like crap, there’s something about his joy that’s infectious.

Life happens while you’re making plans. That was something my mom always said, and now I understand.

I’m having a baby.

With my soulmate.

A little sister or brother for Bella and a cousin for Nate.

Fuck the plan to wait. Our life is happening now…and honestly, it’s a great life.

“Hand me my cell phone,” I tell Dak.


“I have to FaceTime Pat and tell her the good news. She’s going to freak.”

“Freak in a good way?” he asks nervously because my need for Pat’s approval has apparently rubbed off on my otherwise uber-confident husband.

I wrap my arms around his neck and hold him close.

“I promise you, she’s going to freak out in the best way.”

© Lisa Lang Blakeney