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I know what I said the other day about doing all that I had to do to keep Elizabeth moaning my name yada, yada, yada; but truthfully I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. Wait, scratch that. I know what the fuck I’m doing; I just don’t really understand why I’m doing it.

What’s my end game?

It was never my plan or intention to take Elizabeth out on a date.


I don’t even go on dates. Who has time for that shit? And up until now it hasn’t been an issue. There are plenty of women out here who appreciate a good fuck, just like me and don’t want to be tied down. I find them all the time for the most part. Sure there may be a few clingy Carols every once in a while, but you’re bound to run into a few bad apples here and there.

So the fact that I’m sitting here plotting and planning a night out to woo my cousin is somewhat laughable. No let me rephrase that.

It’s insane.

We spent the greater part of today visiting all five of the spots Joseph (and I now) own in Philly, and we also called management of the two we own in Manhattan and the one in Miami.

I got brick fucking hard just watching Elizabeth get busy in her element. Inspecting the old ass desktops, asking the manager’s questions about the databases and them staring at her like she was speaking another language. It was all some very smarty pants, sexy shit. And it smelled very much like foreplay to me. If I thought she would have been down for it, I would have fucked her silly in every back room of every location we dropped by today.

Maybe I still will.

Cousins Two Releases: October 5th

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