Cousins Two Countdown: Day Seven!

Cousins Book Two

Seven more days until Cousins Two! Eeeepppp!!! I’m so excited. The final edits have been made to the manuscript. The ARCs are going out tomorrow. The preorder link will be up soon.

I have to admit, I kind of wish I had made this an “ongoing” series. I am totally in love with Roman and Elizabeth as a couple the more I write. But you don’t know what you don’t know. How was I suppose to know I was going to feel this way? LOL! Plus, I promised you guys that it would be a two book series and I wanted to keep my word. I know how it feels when an author changes her mind about a series when you had it all set in your head that you were about to get your HEA. I hate it!

BUT having said that, if you guys read and enjoy book two and adamantly feel that I could continue telling Roman and Elizabeth’s story, then by all means tell me that. If you feel I’ve ended it well, then that’s fine too, and I’ll move on to the many other stories that I have planned to write for you all.

Until tomorrow.

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