How To Buy A Kindle Book On iPhone or iPad

kindle on iosOkay…I feel a little silly writing this post in 2018, but the reality is that I didn’t know what I’m about to tell you, so maybe there’s a chance that you didn’t know either. If you own an IOS device (iPhone or iPad) chances are that you have the Amazon App as well as the Kindle App downloaded on it. Okay, fine. But have you ever tried purchasing a Kindle Book on that IOS device?

With my latest release, Indebted To A King, a friend of mine wanted to purchase the book from her phone. She couldn’t. All she could do was download a sample and even then she couldn’t purchase the book from that sample. I’m not sure if this “glitch” is purposeful or not (I’d like to believe it isn’t, Zon), but it makes having the Amazon App useless if you are a reader.

So what’s the workaround?
If you want to purchase a book on your phone or your iPad you are going to have to go to on your browser (Safari or Chrome), login, and purchase from there. If you’ve ever logged onto Amazon through your browser on your device, chances are that your cookies are in place and it will log you right in without you having to remember your login and password.

I anticipate that Apple is going to capitalize on this glitch with the release of their upcoming “revamped” iBooks App and interface, but only time will tell.

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