Brick Bonus

Brick Bonus Epilogue

When I pull into the parking space in front of our newly renovated brownstone, it’s obvious as I peer into the front window that Kaya isn’t home. The elegant white curtain sheers are closed and the small art déco lamp in the far corner of the living room is on, which typically means that both of us are out of the house. Otherwise, it’s off.

Suddenly I’m disappointed that Kaya won’t be the first thing I see when I walk inside the front door, but that’s probably a good thing, because after a grueling day of football practice with the team–I stink.

I close my eyes under the hot shower spray and think about how tensions were running high on the practice field today. The front office picked up several lucrative free agents and made a few high-profile trades, which means we are officially out of a team rebuild period and into a “we better win some games” mode. I’m a highly competitive person, so winning is part of my DNA, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling the weight of all of these recent changes to the team. I happen to be one of those lucrative free agents who the team decided to keep around for the next few years, and as every sports reporter likes to write: “Brandon Brick Jennings better live up to the hype.” So there’s a level of pressure I constantly feel to be worth the millions of dollars paid to me, except for when I come home to Kaya. When I’m here with her, all the noise just quiets around me.

I wrap a towel around my waist, dripping wet, and as I enter the bedroom, my eyes instantly land on my beautiful wife. I was so inside my own head, I must not have heard her come in.

Kaya looks stunning tonight, in bare feet, with her curves hugged perfectly by a simple red dress she’s wearing. I feel my heart race as I make my way toward her, eager to wrap my arms around her and hold her close.

She’s fiddling with some papers that are inside her new Birkin bag, but as I approach her from behind, something catches my eye. A look of stress on her face that I haven’t seen before. Instantly, my excitement at having her home turns to worry. What could be bothering her?

I slide my arm around her waist, pulling her close to me. Her body feels warm against mine, and I inhale her sweet scent.

“Hey, baby.”

“Hey, yourself,” she says with a smile, but as I look into her eyes, I see a hint of sadness there that breaks my heart.

“Is everything alright, Kaya?” I ask, my voice soft and gentle.

She looks up at me, her eyes searching mine. “It’s nothing,” she says, but I can hear the hesitation in her voice. “How was your day?”

“There’s a lot of fresh energy in the building. The deal finally went through for that kid Dak I was telling you about. I think the guys are finally motivated to get back to winning. It should be an interesting season, to say the least.”

“That’s nice,” she says, and I can tell by the faraway look in her eyes that she hasn’t processed a thing I’ve said.

“Please, tell me what’s wrong,” I implore her, my fingers caressing her waist. “Is everything okay with Kyle? Or is it your mother?”

Kaya takes a deep breath, and then slowly begins to open up to me. She tells me about some issues going on at her new restaurant, the pressure she’s been feeling lately to make it work, and the worries that she’s wasting “my” money. And as she speaks, I feel my heart swell with love and admiration for this woman who is sharing one of her deepest fears–disappointing me.

I cradle the side of her face with my palm. “The whole point of us opening a sliding scale restaurant is so that you can serve people a great meal with dignity, right? Pay what they can afford. Aren’t you doing that?” I question her.

“Yes, but–”

“Will there continue to be challenges as you run a business like this? Of course. Are you wasting our money as you contend with those challenges? Of course not. This is an investment in your success. I would spend ten times the amount if it meant you were happy, baby.”

Without another word, I pull her even closer, holding her tight against me. I press my lips to her forehead, feeling her body relax against mine. At this moment, I realize that my love for her has always been more than just physical attraction; it’s a deep and abiding connection that will carry us through any challenge life throws our way.

“It’s a lot of work,” she says softly. “More than I originally expected.”

“Anything worth having takes a lot of work. Hell, I worked hard as hell to win your pretty ass over.”

“What is this revisionist history?” she chuckles in my embrace. “You didn’t have to work that hard.”

As we stand, wrapped in each other’s arms, I can feel the tension slowly melting away from her body as well as mine. Her breathing steadies, and I know that our being together is enough to ease her worries and quell my earlier anxieties too.

I can’t help but marvel at how lucky I am to have Kaya as my wife. She’s not only the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on, but she’s also strong, brave, and fiercely independent. And yet, at this moment, I can still see a vulnerability in her that makes me feel protective as if it’s my duty to keep her safe from harm.

I press a soft kiss to the top of her head, my hand running gently up and down her back. “You don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, you know,” I tell her. “You have me, and I promise you, I’ll always be here to help lighten your load. If running the restaurant is too much, we can always hire help. I can hire an entire management team to run it and you can do something else if that’s what you want.”

She looks up at me, her eyes searching mine.

“You’d like it if I was home and waiting for you in bed every day after practice if you had it your way.”

“You forgot to add that I’d want you waiting with your head down and your ass up in that bed.”

She slaps against my bare chest playfully. “You’re disgusting!”

“Not nearly as disgusting as it’s about to get in here,” I growl, my need for her increasing as it seems to always do whenever I’m around my new bride.

“Uh-uh, I want to shower first,” she backs away.

“Why? I like it dirty,” I chuckle, pulling her forward.

“That’s not fair,” she laughs. “You’re already showered.”

“Be your own person,” I tease. “Do you have to do everything I do?”

I bend down and begin sliding her midi-length red dress up her thighs.


“Don’t get me wrong, this is a stunning dress, but it needs to come off if I’m going to greet you properly. I haven’t seen you in over eight hours and I haven’t been inside this pussy in over twenty-four.”

Obediently, Kaya raises her arms high as I slide the dress up and over her head. Her heavy breasts seem to beg to be freed from their cruel bondage, so I unhook her flesh-colored bra and watch as they sway with freedom.

Kaya’s head falls back, and she swiftly inhales as I take one of her nipples into my mouth, then as if on cue, my towel drops.

I back up, stepping over the towel, and slide to a seated position on our bed. She stares at me with hungry eyes, biting the corner of her lip, waiting for me to give her more instructions.

“Take your panties off,” I order, knowing that we both get great satisfaction out of our alternating power plays in bed. Tonight is my turn. All that aggressive practicing on the field today has me in the mood to claim my woman.

“That’s it, do it slowly, just like that.”

She slowly steps out of her black lace panties and now stands in front of me in nothing but her birthday suit.

I can’t help but admire her beautiful curves, from the way her hips sway gently to the soft rise of her breasts.

“Come here.”

Kaya seductively climbs onto the bed, and hastily I reach for her waist and pull her in close to me, feeling every inch of our bodies pressing against each other. Her skin is soft and warm against mine as I run my hands over her body.

The desire between us is palpable, and we both know what comes next. I scoop my arms underneath her ass, lifting her up with ease and positioning her above my aching cock.

“I love you, Kaya. Don’t ever forget that. This thing between us only works if you make all your decisions remembering that one truth.”

She’s wetter than normal and I love it as she slides her slippery pussy down my dick in total bliss.

“You like how my dick feels inside of you, baby?”

“So much.”

“Mmm, yes,” I moan. “Me too.”

I slip one of her tits in my mouth as she works herself down my length, winding her hips with a delicate dance that sends me quickly to the brink of orgasm like I’m some sort of pubescent teenager having his first time.

“Fuck, Kaya,” I growl, trying desperately to stave off my orgasm. I don’t like to come until she’s at least had her first release, but if she keeps this shit up, I’m going to burst.

She’s bucking me like a goddamn bull rider. One of her hands is behind my neck as she rides me hard, moving back and forth between a rhythm of bending herself way back and then forward so that her clit can find some sweet friction between us.

I give her nipple a slight bite as a warning to slow down, but she doesn’t heed my normal signals. Instead, she stops, twirls herself around with her back facing me now, and continues to ride me in this new position.

She’s fucking the shit out of me in reverse cowgirl style and while I’m loving every minute of it, I will not last too much longer, so I push on her back so that she tilts forward. Now she’s on her hand and knees, still fucking me well, but I have a full view of her delicious ass. I lightly swat each ass cheek in an alternating fashion as her pussy slides up and down my length.

“Brandon, please,” she begs and the painful ache in her voice is like music to my ears.

“You’re going to come for me first,” I growl in a bass-heavy voice. “And you’re going to scream my name when you do it.”

I can feel her pussy quivering as we continue to give each other more of what we need. My swats become harder and louder. My words are dirtier. And her legs spread wider and her pussy becomes wetter as she clenches it tightly around my dick with each punishing stroke.

“Brandon!” she screams in an earth-shattering voice of pure relief as she claws her nails into my calves.

“Yesss,” I hiss as I revel in my own release.

I lazily rub circles into the skin of Kaya’s ass as her entire body shudders with aftershocks and deep breaths.

“Come back up here,” I tell her. “I want to hold my wife.”

But as soon as she moves, she violently jerks her body to the side of the bed and vomits into the silver waste bin. Immediately I come to her aid, deeply concerned that I’ve actually fucked my wife into chucking up an entire stomach full of food.

“Shit, are you okay? I’m sorry.”

Her body shakes and now I’m petrified that she’s crying.

“What’s wrong, Kaya? Fuck, I’m sorry.”

I gently lift her up to face me and find that her body is shaking with laughter, not tears.

“What the hell are you laughing at?” I ask as I hand her some tissues to wipe her mouth.

“What are you apologizing to me for?” she asks.

“For fucking you so hard that you threw up.”

Her laughs grow harder.

“But I was the one fucking you.”

I silently roll my eyes.

“Whatever, Kaya. Obviously, I was pushing you too hard. You were preoccupied when you came home tonight and then I fucked you senseless–”

“Stop,” she says, holding her stomach as she continues to laugh. “Don’t say another word. You are not responsible for me yakking up dinner. Your child is.”

For a moment, time seems to stand still as her words hang in the air like a delicate thread.

“What did you say?” I ask needing confirmation that I heard her correctly.

“That’s why I was preoccupied earlier. I’ve been thinking about how this news will affect the restaurant… and basically our entire lives.”

Suddenly, a grin slowly spreads across my face, my eyes lighting up joyfully. “You’re pregnant?”

“Very much so. A blood test today confirmed it.”

I hand her a bottle of spring water I have sitting on my bedstand.

“Drink this. You need to keep my baby hydrated.”

“You’ve known for all of two seconds that we’re having a baby and now you’re barking out orders?”

“I didn’t realize that offering my wife some water after a session of lovemaking was giving an order,” I tease.

She swallows a large gulp as she playfully rolls her eyes.

“Seriously though, Kaya, you know who you married. I’m going to be a pain in the ass for the next nine months because I couldn’t be any happier than I am at this moment. We’re having a baby!”

She looks at me with a steady gaze and soft eyes. “And you aren’t worried about how this might affect our lives?”

“A new baby will only make this ride we’re on together even more exciting. Think about it. A tiny person who’s got my brains and your beauty.”


“Okay, your brains and your beauty.”

“That’s more like it.”

I pull her inside my arms and we share a long kiss for what feels like hours, lost in each other’s embrace. And as I hold my beautiful wife close, I know that no matter what challenges may come our way as new parents, we’ll face them together, hand in hand.

It’s going to be fucking awesome.

© Lisa Lang Blakeney