What Is Scribd?

what is scribd?

If you prefer reading your books via subscription service, than I highly recommend Scribd. It is a trusted membership service that gives readers unlimited access to books for $8.99 USD per month. Unlike Kindle Unlimited, there are no limits to how many books you can read (KU is 10 books at a time) with a premium membership and you get audiobooks too!

When you join, you’ll get access to their extensive library of bestsellers, award winners, indie titles, and reader favorites. They have ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines on Scribd. Even better, they give you personalized recommendations and special collections assembled by their editors to help you find books that you’ll love.

You can read your Scribd books on any device using the Scribd app on your phone, tablet, and the web.

Finally, Scribd treats authors fairly. Instead of paying us pennies for page reads, they pay us the full royalty rate of our books when you download it and they don’t require authors to be exclusive with their company. A win-win for both reader and author.

Want to try it out? Read all of my books for free when you try the Scribd premium membership FREE for 30 days. You can cancel at anytime. Please let me know how you like the service and what your reader experience was like. I value reader feedback.

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