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Do you want to tell the WHOLE WORLD about Lisa Lang Blakeney’s books?

Then this is the place for you!


If I had you at hello, please click the link above to join! If you want a little more info, read on…

What is a street team and what do they do?
A street team is a group of fans that band together to support an author. Some of the the things you might be asked to do on a street team, for example, are read an ARC (advanced review copy) and leave a review when a book releases, buy a book when it first comes out, put Lisa’s books on your Goodreads “To Be Read” shelf and generally spread the word about a new release by doing things like posting on Facebook and Twitter. Please remember that the promotional actives of this group are always optional and very much appreciated!

What will you NOT be asked to do as part of the street team?
You won’t be asked to up or down vote any of the reviews on Lisa’s books anywhere on the internet, nor will you be asked to vote against another author who might be seen as “competition.” In fact, this type of behavior isn’t just discouraged – it could get you removed from the street team. We want to give Lisa and her books LOTS of love but there’s a lot of room in the world for other authors and their books – it’s not a competition!

Who should join Lisa’s street team?

Fans who are 18+
Fans who are on FACEBOOK. If accepted to the street team, you will be asked to join a private Facebook group so you can connect with other street team members.
Fans who really LOVE Lisa’s books!
Fans who have at least 150+ friends on Facebook (this isn’t mandatory though!)
Fans who write a blog (preferably book/reader/review oriented) (also not mandatory!)
Fans who review books on Goodreads and Amazon (also not mandatory!)

Why should you join Lisa’s Street Team? (What’s in it for ME?)

All sorts of things are in it for you, reader! Here is a sample of off the oodles of extras street team members get:

-Exclusive info – story excerpts, deleted scenes, chapter previews, covers etc.
-ARCs (Advanced Review Copies) That’s right – you get to read the book before anyone else!
-Special prizes and giveaways available ONLY to street team members
-Exclusive contests for street team members with chances to win autographed books, bookmarks, gift cards, other swag.

How much time am I expected to spend?

We want it to be more FUN than work – so the time requirement is really only about 1-2 hours per new release.

Required upon acceptance (if you haven’t already):

1. Sign up for Lisa’s newsletter
2. “Like” Lisa’s Facebook Fan page
3. Accept the invitation to the private Facebook group for STREET TEAM members only
4. Join Lisa’s Facebook group for readers (Lisa’s Ninjas!)

Things that are optional but would be great:

“Follow” Lisa on Twitter
“Friend” Lisa on Goodreads
“Follow” Lisa on Instagram
Tell family and friends about Lisa’s books
Recruit subscribers to Lisa’s newsletter and followers to her blog
Request Lisa’s book(s) at the local book store and/or public library

Each time Lisa releases a new book, you’ll be expected to at least:

Buy the book
Talk about it on Facebook
Review it (honestly!) on Amazon/Facebook/Goodreads
Write a blog post (if you have one)
Tweet about it on Twitter (if you’re on Twitter)




Contact Street Team Coordinator: Lauren Valderrama

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