250 thoughts on “New Year’s $5 Dollar Fast Cash!”

  1. I have owned both the IPhone and the android and I would much prefer the android. It is much easier to use and I like the operating system so much better.

  2. Kellane Mitchener

    Android but my sister has an iPhone and loves it and I like hers too. So who knows I might be a convert.

  3. Definitely Android. I’ve never had an Apple product. I’ve always used Android. Thank you for the chance!!

  4. I have owned both Android and Apple phones. I currently own an iPhone. I am definitely serious when I say that I would rather have a phone with an Android OS. I think they have much better performance. There is literally nothing new or better to me when these new Apple phones come out. I feel like Android has better capabilities, better quality in services, better everything! Now I just have to wait to upgrade with my cell phone company to make the switch. lol

  5. Apple! I had androids up until a yr in a half ago and I had nothing but problems with them? Batteries fried or it would just shut off and never turn back on…I love the iPhones never had a problem! 😊

    1. So much this!!! I use to have an iPhone 4 (about a year ago). I had SO many problems with it because it was an old phone that new updates couldn’t be applied to it.

  6. I like android better. Apple is OK but you’re limited to using only apple products. I might want something not affiliated with apple and only with android am I able to try what I want when I want.

  7. I have only ever had an Android phone.
    So I suppose Android for me..
    Thanks for the Chance!!💜
    Happy New Year#!
    I hope you enjoyed your daughter being home from college!

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