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I really shouldn’t have to bribe you to do this, but I’m fine with it if you are:) Please take a moment to introduce yourself in the comments. I love to get a snapshot of who my readers are. I’ll randomly select one person to win a $10 gift card just for participating!

So here’s what you should tell me:

  1. Your first name only.
  2. Where in the world you’re from.
  3. Your favorite book of mine.
  4. And tell me if you sleep with the television ON or OFF!

*Winner will be randomly selected for no good a$$ reason, by July 5th, and will be announced in my next VIP newsletter.

60 thoughts on “Introduce Yourself!”

  1. Hi, my name is SHERRY. I am originally from, Arkansas, but traveled to many states. My husband and I are retired, sold our home, and became full-time RVers. I was born August 10th, am an avid reader of different genres and I sleep with the TV off. My favorite book or series of yours is THE KING BROTHERS!

  2. Hi my name is Pascale. I was born in NYC, lives in Florida, but now working in Haiti. I have read not only the Masterson series but also all of the Nighhawk series which I loved them all. I start sleeping with the tv on but will turn it off afterwards.

  3. Hi My name is Courtney. I am from Texas that is in the U.S. I have read all of your Nighhawk series and loved them all. I sleep with the tv on.

  4. Hello, my name is Taylor from Lebanon,PA. My fravorit book would be the King series and fall asleep with the tv on.

  5. Your first name only. Amber
    Where in the world you’re from.Long Island, NY
    Your favorite book of mine. Diesel
    And tell me if you sleep with the television ON or OFF! Off

  6. Your first name only.

    Where in the world you’re from.
    Southern California

    Your favorite book of mine.
    Definitely Diesel!!

    And tell me if you sleep with the television ON or OFF!

  7. My name is Katie and I am from South eastern Kentucky. My favorite book would have to be anything you write because your style is awesome. But if I HAD to choose it would be the Masterson series specifically book 3. I sleep with the TV off except occasionally when my hubby can’t fall asleep at the same time as me. So he stays up and watches TV for a little bit in the bedroom because I can’t sleep unless I know he is in the room with me at the very least.

  8. hi my name is orena
    I was born and raised in newfoundland,canada
    my fav book of yours is kings brothers series
    I sleep with the tv off but my hubby usually has it on so I sleep with it on to as long as the volume is on low

  9. Hello, my name is, Sherry
    I was born in, Arkansas, but my husband and I are full-time RVers, so, now I am from everywhere. My birthday is August 10th.
    I loved your King series!
    No, I don’t sleep p with the TV on. I like quiet.

  10. Richard L Fisher

    My name is: Richard
    I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I was born in Iowa and lived in PA for over 30 years
    My favorite book is the first one I read: Wolf
    I sleep with the TV off, but my wife leaves it on occasionally

  11. Hi my name is Heather and I’m from Bowling Green Kentucky. I sleep with the TV off and the fan on lol. My favorite book so far is Cousins but I only have 3 of your books so that could change lol.

  12. Teresa Williams

    Teresa Cullman Alabama Masterson . I’m a retired mother of two ,grandmother of two,Great grandmother to one.Married 46 years.

  13. Hello! I’m Mary Ann.
    I’m from Pennsylvania but hopefully soon from Maine.
    My favorite book so far is Claimed by a King.
    I usually have the tv on in the background and fall asleep reading.

  14. Hi, I’m Juli
    I’m from Utah
    I am a newbie to you so haven’t read one yet
    No TV in my bedroom so no to that ?
    Happy Birthday , I’ll be 50 this September

  15. Hello! My name is Cat and Im from North Idaho. Im on book 3 of the Masterson trilogy but I found Lisa via the Gunslinger series – I think WOLF is my favorite. The tv is rarely ever on so thats an easy one – sleep with the tv off 🙂 Thanks for the chance with the contest!

  16. Hello, My name is Brenda. I love the Masterson trilogy,even though I am org enough to be their grandma. I will read them again and again.. I sleep with the tv off, but when I watch tv at night with my husband I sometime fall asleep.

  17. Hey I’m Krissy!
    I’m from an itty bitty town in Indiana.
    I have only just found you, so haven’t gotten to read anything YET!!!
    As for sleeping, I have severe migraines so I sleep in the COMPLETE DARK. No tv, no lights, no red little dot from a tv, absolutely nothing!

  18. Hello Lisa My name is Sarah I am from Ohio and I am a newbie I do not sleep with the T.V. on! Congratulations to your daughter!

  19. Hi!
    I’m Tori, I live in Australia, and I love your Cousins in Love series!
    I don’t have a television in my room, so I sleep with it off.

  20. Hi, I live in Westchester County, NY. I really enjoy the Nighthawk series, so please don’t ask me to choose! I no longer sleep with the tv on, though it does still put me to sleep

  21. Hello,

    My name is Jennifer and I am in Iowa.
    My favorite book of yours is the Masterson trilogy.
    I don’t watch TV, but listen to Enya while reading on my Fire tablet to sleep.

  22. Hi, my name is Ann and I am from South Branch, Michigan. Masterson is my favorite book and I haven’t had any TV service for the last 11 years since I retired. And I LOVE the peace and quiet!

  23. Hey~Hey, my name is Leanne and I live in Daytona Beach, Florida, I’m new to you so I haven’t read anything yet, but I’m planning on it now after looking at your list. As far as the tv is concerned I’m weird, I start at the highest channel and go backwards just flicking really until I’m about to fall asleep and turn it off. Its my unwind button, lol.

  24. Debra K Guyette

    Hello, my name is Debby. I live in Florida near Universal Studios. I like Wolf and I sleep with the TV off.

  25. Hello,
    My name is Erin, and I am from Mustang, Oklahoma. I just recently found you, so I haven’t actually read anything yet. I have a few of your books already, and I’m really looking forward to your Masterson Trilogy. (Yum)
    I don’t watch much TV, because I am too busy reading, so the TV is never on when I go to bed.

  26. My name is Cindi and I’m from Atlanta, GA. I haven’t had a chance to read any of your books yet. I don’t have a TV in my bedroom. I haven’t for the last decade. I read before I go to sleep. I only watch tv for a few hours a night.

  27. elizabeth Pleasant

    Hello, my name is Elizabeth from Missouri. my favorite is Masterson: Masterson Trilogy Most of the time sleep with the tv off but sometime I sleep with it on

  28. Hello, my name is Stephanie. I am from Florida and my favorite book of yours is Wolf. I sleep with the TV off.

  29. Hi Lisa
    Happy Birthday
    I’m Lyn
    From Sydney Australia
    My favourite book of yours is Wolf
    I sleep with the tv on but have the sleep timer set on it

  30. Hi my name is Rajani. I’m from SVG but live in the UK. My favourite book of yours Diesel. I sleep with the telly both on and off, it depends on whats on.

  31. Sounds like you’ve had a brilliant 50th celebrations with all your loved ones, as you should.

    It fantastic that your daughter has done so well, which will be so scary for her & you all as a Family for her next adventure

  32. Dolores
    I move around too much to place a place home except for Jerez Spain as that’s the only one place thats always been home from home
    I really can’t choose as I’ve loved them all, just for different reasons. No I’m not buttering you up 🤣

  33. Your first name only.
    Where in the world you’re from.
    Born and raised in Montana, living in Italy since after college
    Your favorite book of mine.
    Good question. Probably best answered with “the one I am reading at the moment” but I did like the chess series. Also.
    And tell me if you sleep with the television ON or OFF!
    Unfortunately, given that my hubby keeps it on, I end up trying to sleep that way, after falling asleep with my book in my nose

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