How Often Do You Buy Romance?

woman reading lisa lang blakeney romance book

This is a seriously unofficial poll. I’m just interested in how much romance my readers like to consume. So tell me in the comment section, how often do you purchase romance:

A. Few books a week
B. One book a week
C. One book a month
D. Only when my favorite authors release
E. Whenever I feel like it because I’m in KU

24 thoughts on “How Often Do You Buy Romance?”

  1. Paulette Doty Payne

    I buy several books per week,
    according to my daughter way to many. I also get books from freebie list. My logic is you can never have to many books.

  2. Michelle Rios-Velasco

    I try not to buy more than a couple of books a week. I also get books from freebie lists and I do a lot of arc reading for authors so that helps keep my spending down. I read anywhere from 3-5 books a day depending on length.

  3. Absolutely too many!! A couple a day, more or less (too often, more…) – and I read 1-4 a day…
    My husband is seriously thinking about finding me a Readers Anon group (although, to tell the true story, he reaps the benefits 😉)

  4. How often do I buy romance? Well….does several books a week work for an answer? I am a voracious reader and buy wayyyy too many books according to my roommate and my mom. Too bad for them, because I am not changing that habit!

    Love your books and if you keep writing than I will gladly keep buying and reading!

    Happy Anniversary!

    Linda Smith
    Ottawa, Ontario

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