Upcoming release: Indebted To A King (January 25, 2018)

Excerpt from: Cutter King’s Point Of View
Every time I put eyes on Sloan Pearson, my dick gets instantly hard, without my brain’s consent or permission. I’ll admit that the head below my waist has a dirty little mind of its own. It’s actually kind of funny in a metaphorical way if you think about it. Sloan makes a living selling drugs that help men get an erection, and all I have to do is look at her to achieve the same result.

Even though I’ve already committed every one of her curves to memory, when Sloan exits the bathroom she looks like a shiny, new toy to me. A toy I desperately want to play with. One that would distract me from all the other toys I should be playing with. A toy that I’d beat all the other kids asses on the playground to keep to myself.

Tonight she’s wearing a simple black strapless jumpsuit that cinches her small waist but then drapes loosely down her long, lithe legs. It’s tasteful, not tight and tacky, and expertly shows off her slim neckline and delicate collarbone. She’s also wearing a pair of black strappy “fuck me” high heels on her feet, and her full lips are painted a glossy deep blood red.

Those lips.

It gives me the chills just imagining what those cherry colored lips would look like wrapped completely around my dick. Sucking the life out of it. Savoring the taste. I know what I’d do. What I’d like to do. And I’m confident that she’d enjoy that shit too. I’d slide my hand into the crown of her head and grip her hair at the roots tightly.

Guiding her mouth down my dick.

Controlling each and every exquisite stroke.

And after that I’d get really fucking creative.

© Lisa Lang Blakeney