Indebted Bonus

Bonus Epilogue

Bareback Version

I tend to write my love scenes unconsciously bareback (without a condom). That’s because I have been sleeping with the same man since I was 18 years old! God knows the last time I used a condom, and when I write, I tend to put myself in the bedroom. What would I like? What would I do? What would I say? None of that includes putting on a condom. So…

I always have to go back to my scenes and say “oh crap” I didn’t have my alpha put on a condom. Which of course he would. He always wants to protect his lady, until he knows that it’s safe to move forward without one (lol!) 

So that’s what this is. A scene that I included in an epilogue that didn’t make the book, because it is deliciously bareback. The way God intended:) Enjoy.


I can hear the sound of drums. Loud drums. Tribal drums. Thumping and pounding their way through the entire hallway of our building. Cutter must be home. 

As I learn more about my king, I recognize that this is a sign that he’s probably busy methodically cleaning that pet gun of his, Benny. Because when Cutter starts cleaning his glock, he chooses to listen to bass heavy rap music cranked up loudly, which means that something has pissed him off. 

God knows that there’s nothing more annoying than a pissed off cutter.

“You’re home,” he says cooly as I enter his apartment, my hands filled with groceries for dinner.

Sure enough I was right. Cutter is sitting at the antique table that I purchased for him, pulling apart and cleaning his piece, in a crap shit mood.

“What happened?” I ask turning down the music.

“This shit building is what happened.”

“Whats wrong with it now?”

“Pete said there are about three different leaks in the roof.”

“So patch ’em up. What’s the problem.”

“They’re too far gone. Evidently the tenants reported them a year ago, but your previous slumlord did nothing about it.”

“Well that sucks.”

“Yeah it does. The oldest leak has been going on for four fucking years. I can’t believe you were paying the high rent you were for that kind of service.”

“So what does that mean? What do you have to do.”

“It means that I’m going to have to replace the entire roof, and let me tell you, roofers are practically gangsters. They overcharge everyone.”

“Hmm, maybe buying this building wasn’t such a good investment.”

I start putting away the assorted fresh vegetables and packages of chicken I bought and place them into his fridge. Cutter is actually the better cook. I can barely boil and egg. So the deal between us is that I buy the groceries, and he cooks us either breakfast or dinner. Whichever we’re both at home for depending on our schedules.

“Maybe this building wasn’t a good investment, he parrots back in an exaggerated imitation of my voice. “The investment was in you, princess. Not in any hope of seeing a profit from this money pit.”

“Stop talking about it like you regret it.”

Cutter cracks a smile.

The gun magazine he was holding clanks on the table.

“I don’t regret shit.”

He stands up and wraps his arms around me from behind. Caging me in against the counter.

“Of course you don’t,” I say leaning back in his embrace. Loving his smell. Relishing his warmth. He burrows his face into my neck. 

“So I got a really awesome job offer today,” I say feeling like it’s safe now to bring the topic up.

“Yeah, that’s great, babe. How’d you get it?”

“One of my mom’s connects referred me.”

“Is it a big job?”

He starts rubbing his hands along my thighs.

“Yeah, it’s pretty big.”

“So tell me about it.”

“It’s just a job.”

I turn myself around inside of his human cage, standing on my tippy toes, so that I can wrap my arms around his neck, but he stands up tall making it difficult for me embrace him.

“Bend down, you big viking, so that I can give you a proper kiss hello. I don’t have on my heels.”

“Not until you tell me about the job.”

“I just did.”

He moves further back.

“You’re not telling me something. I can feel it. What is it about this job that I’m not going to like?”

“Okay, before I tell you–”

“Uh-uh. Stop with the bullshit. Just spit it out.”

“Well my mom’s friend Patty, the one I did the job for a few weeks back, is a publicist.”

“Yeah, so?”

“So… she referred me to Ace Westerfield.”

“Ace Westerfield the music mogul?”

“Yes, but–”

“Ace Westerfield, the dickhead I did a fix for? The one I told you about?”

“Yes, but–“

“And why would you be doing a project for him? He doesn’t even own property in Philly.”

“Well, if you let me explain, I’m trying to tell you that it’s a multi-location project. It’s a big deal, Cutter. I’d be assisting his company with the redecorating renovations of three commercial properties he owns. One in New York, one in Miami, and one in Toronto.”

Cutter moves completely away from me now.

“How did you get a project like that? You haven’t been doing this long enough to get a gig like that, and connections aren’t enough when someone is spending that amount of money.”

“I’ve been doing this long enough for friends to have built a pretty decent portfolio. A portfolio that apparently he was impressed by.”

“Or was he impressed with the size of your ass. Did you meet with him?”

I take offense to that but I know where it’s coming from. He knows things about Ace Westerfield that the rest of us don’t. None of them good.

“I think I’m taking a little bit of offense to your attitude, Cutter. I know you don’t like the guy, but what does that have to do with me taking a job with his company? Don’t ruin it for me with your jealousy.”

“He’s a loser.”

“He’s a musical genius.”

“His music is trash.”

I laugh a little.

“That’s a matter of opinion.”

“No, it’s really a matter of taste,” he says while walking me backwards into the edge of the counter. “Have you signed anything?”

“No, I have an informational meeting with him later this week to talk about the scope of the project.”

“So what can I do to help you change your mind about taking the meeting?”

He slides his hand in my hair. Caressing the edge of my ear with his thumb.

“You’re suppose to be supporting my career. Not derailing it.”

“I’ll pay you whatever he was going to pay you.”


He grips my hair harder at the roots in response to my reply.

“I’ll pay you twice whatever he was going to pay you.”

My panties start to become wet with desire.


“Twice.” He smiles devilishly.

His other hand moves from around to waist, underneath my shirt, and towards one of my breasts. 

He’s playing dirty.

“It’s not about the money,” I almost pant but then quickly check myself. “It’s about the prestige of the job.”

“Working for me could be prestigious.”

“You’re not Ace Westerfield.”

He pinches my nipple hard between his fingers. I know it’s meant as a punishment, but it feels more like a reward. I close my eyes as I relish the delicious zing that it sends all the way to my clit.

“No. I’m not. I’m your fucking king.”

He savagely attacks my mouth. Kissing me senseless as one hand stays gripped in my hair and the other pulling and tugging at my nipple. I kiss him back with the ferocity. We’re both pissed. He’s mad that about the roof. That I’m meeting one of the most eligible bachelors in the country. And I’m mad that he’s giving me shit about it.

I bite his bottom lip.

He abruptly releases me from the kiss. Slowly licking the mark I left. He takes a step back and eye fucks my entire body for a moment. Devouring me from head to toe.

“Take off your clothes,” he growls. 

“I’m not fucking you.” I announce.

He chuckles.

“Now both you and I know that’s a lie. You love it when I’m balls deep inside of you.”

God, I hate it when he’s right.

“Now head down and ass up on that big ass couch you made me buy.”

I’m not sure whether to move or not. We need to discuss this. Not fuck. Plus even though I’ve slept with Cutter many times, I’m a little anxious about the growing intensity of each and every encounter. Each time is always different and always ends in a life changing orgasm. Not to mention that I can tell by the fire glowing in those whiskey colored eyes of his, that he’s about to give me the pounding of my life. 

So I do something dumb.

I run.

Skidding my way across the living room and into his master bedroom, I quickly shut the door and lock it.

“Let’s talk first, caveman.” I say through the door practically laughing at how ridiculous I’m being.

“My prey instinct is strong.” He says loud enough to hear through the apartment.


“Like most predatory animals, my prey instinct is strong, princess. When something runs, it’s in my DNA to chase it.”

He’s closer to the door now.

I back away.

This was really dumb.

Cutter starts jingling the lock.

“I just want to talk about me taking the job.”

“I was going to to all kind of nasty things to you to help you change your mind about that. But now–“

“Now what?” I ask nervously on the other side of the room.

Suddenly the door flings open. It hits the wall. The door knob almost making a dent in the dry wall.

“You kicking down the door in your own apartment?” I ask incredulously. “I said we need to talk first.”

He stops directly in front of me.

“And I said head down, ass up.”

I shriek as he swiftly lifts me up and flips me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Tossing me damn near in the air onto his air.


He looks at me with pure white heat in his eyes as he lifts the red hoodie he’s wearing over his head. Flashing his rock solid pecs and abdominals. Another one of my weaknesses. Cutter’s body is like a woman’s wonderland. It’s perfection.

“Last warning, princess.”

I scoot myself towards the headboard.

“I won’t be working with Westerfield at all, Cutter. It will be his staff. I don’t see the big deal.”

“The big deal is that I don’t want you away from me for a year, or even a fucking week, under the employment of that douchebag.”

He kicks off his books.

“I’ll tell him you’re my boyfriend. He obviously knows you.”

Finally he pulls off his jeans, and the only remaining barrier between his protruding dick and myself are his black boxer briefs.

“You tell him that I’m your man and that’s like putting a red bullseye on your pussy. He’ll go after you harder. I’m telling you that we should just avoid all of that drama, and you stay home with me where you belong.” I watch the muscles in his powerful legs flex as he starts stalking towards me. “Now take off your fucking clothes and put your head down and your ass up on the bed like a good girl, so I can pound some sense into that pussy.”


The muscles south of my belly button clench at every dirty words that comes out of his mouth.

“Here, let me help you. You seem to be moving a little slowly today.”

Cutter climbs on the bed and rakes his hand completely down my body. Ending at the top of my jeans. He unsnaps them.

“I’ll get the jeans. You get the shirt.”

There’s no talking to this crazy man of mine, until I leave him completely satisfied. So now I’m determined to do just that. I yank my graphic tee up over my head and toss it at his head. Laughing at the way he growls lowly in his throat.

In response he rips my thong to shreds. Throwing it on the floor beside the bed.

“Hey those were my favorite panties.” I gripe playfully.

“Correction. Mouth shut. Head down. Ass up.”

I roll my eyes and turn around, burying my head into one of the pillows on his bed.

Then I wait for it.

Cutter reaches into his small black duffle and pulls out an object. I don’t know what it is because I can’t see anything, but that’s always part of Cutter’s game. 

The anticipation.

He slides something small, metallic, and slick inside of me. My walls immediately clamp onto it. It’s a small wireless vibrator.

He begins to pepper small kisses alongside of the backs of my thighs and my butt. Tender kisses. Ones that feel like he’s cherishing me. Not torturing me. Not until he pauses for a second and the vibe inside of me starts to come to life.

“You will not come until I say you can come, princess.” He says. His voice thick with as much need as I’m feeling. “Do you understand me?”


He slaps my ass.

Then turns the vibe up.

I bite the pillow. This is going south really fast. I’m not going to be hold on. Especially because I’ve been thinking about Cutter being inside of me all day.

“Don’t fucking come.”

I groan softly.

I feel him move off the bed. Walking around it. Assessing his work. He often does this. Cutter likes to watch.

“Does it feel good, princess?”

I nod into the pillow.

Wherever the control for this thing is, he turns it up a notch.

I shut my eyes tightly.

“You want to combust don’t you?” he taunts. “Well you better fucking not.”

As the orgasm builds inside of me, I can feel my heart trying to burst out of my chest.

Then he turns the vibe completely off and I can catch my breath.

He laughs almost sinisterly as he slaps my ass again and pulls the vibrator out. Then he slides face up on the bed underneath me and begins to lap at my release. It feels so amazing that I start to slowly gyrate my hips against his mouth. He gives my butt a warning slap and tells me to, “Keep still, baby.”

I moan louder.

He grips each of my ass cheeks with his hands, pulling me further down on his mouth, and exploring the inside of me with his tongue.

“Cutter,” I howl. “I’m going to come.”

He giggles at the sound of my cries of agony (or ecstasy) and the vibration of his laughter runs straight through my entire core.

And the waves come crashing in.

I explode.

My body shutters in bliss and relief.

Cutter continues to kiss between my legs. Blowing softly at my clit. Biting the insides of my thighs.

“Stay where you are.” He says gruffly. My arms are starting to feel a little weak, but I stay where I am. Hell, I do pilates. I can take it.

He slides from underneath me, stands up, and pulls me further down the length of the bed. My feet are almost dangling off the edge of the bed now, but I’m still on my knees and elbows. Face in the middle bed. I can hear him fumbling around in his bag again. I turn my head to peek. This time he pulls out a long purple satin scarf.

“Place your arms behind your back.” He orders.

He weaves the strip of satin in a figure eight formation around my wrists. Binding them low behind my back. He checks to make sure his handiwork is not too tight.

“I want you to build a million dollar business if that’s what you want, babe, but not with his money.”

My knees are spread pretty widely apart to help me stay balanced on the bed, but Cutter likes it when they’re close together. It makes the fit even tighter when he enters me from behind. 

“Closer,” he says while helping me adjust and move them in closer.

He bends down and nibbles me on my ass. The side of my hip. Then he steps back once again. Taking a look at me. 

“You’re so fucking beautiful, Sloan. What man wouldn’t want to own this.” He slaps my pussy. “I’m just making sure that I take good care of what’s mine.”

He slides one, then another, finger inside of me.

“You’re soaking wet for me, baby.”

I start pushing my hips back. I want more. I need more.

“Stop playing around, Cutter.”

His laugh is almost sinister behind me.

“You’re the one playing games.”

He lines up the tip of his dick at my entrance but doesn’t enter inside yet. Teasing me. Waiting for me to beg. I’m starting to understand how my man likes to play extremely well.

“Please.” I say through gritted teeth.

“Please what.”

“Please put your damn dick inside of me.”

He bends down, burrows his head between my closed legs, and sucks my clit. I almost fall over from the exquisite pleasure. When he stands back up, I know it’s coming, and it does…hard and fast.

He rams his dick inside of me. Filling me up to the hilt. I can feel all of him in this position. That’s why it’s one of my favorites. He continues to thrust in and out of me. Grunting with his own pleasure. 

I am biting down on the pillow under me. 

White knuckling the comforter.

There’s been way too much foreplay if that’s even possible. I’m going to blow any minute, and he knows it.

“Can you feel me inside of you, Sloan.”


“Does this pussy belong to me.”


“Do you want to come all over my dick, Sloan?” he asks while holding onto my wrists and powerfully thrusting in and out of me.

“Yes…please.” I beg.

I can’t stand anymore. I won’t decorate another damn room if he would just give me what I need. Cutter grips my hips and pulls me back towards him as he pounds forward inside of me. 

Harder and harder and harder.

The intensity of how much he wants me is being made very clear.

This man wants to own me body and soul.

“Then come, baby,” he says in a rich, deep voice as he reaches for my clit. 

Stroking it softly but still pounding me hard.

And then I hear screaming.

Oh wait, that’s me.

My body begins to float in some sort of alternate universe as my orgasm continues to ripple through every part of me. I barely make out Cutter’s nonsensical words as he releases inside of me.

“I love you, Sloan.”

That I heard.

He releases me from the satin tie, and we sprawl out on the bed in a sweaty mess.

“You’re a sex god,” I say still delightfully out of breath.

“I’m your sex god.” He laughs. “Did my magic stick work on you?”

“What?” I giggle.

“Are you still taking that job?”

“You said you’ll pay me twice as much?”

His eyes light up. “Definitely.”

“Eh, I don’t know. If I go, you’ll miss me more. I think it’s worth taking the job if when I come home we’re going to make angry love like this.”

“I’ll fuck you everyday like this if that’s what you want.”

I get up and go into the bathroom to clean up.

“You’re so crass.”

“But you love me.”

“God help me, but I do.” I say jokingly.

When I exit the bathroom, Cutter is still in his naked glory, lying on the bed, with his hands clasped behind his head and a wry smile across his face.

“What’s up with–“

I spot something sparkling. A ring. And it’s sitting on top of his rock hard six pack.

“Say you love me again.” He says to me.

My eyes widen.

“I love you?”

“Is it a question?” he laughs. “Or a fact.”

“I love you.” I say more definitively as I climb back on the bed and pick up the pear shaped diamond ring. I almost scream. It’s so freakin’ gorgeous.

“I was saving this for after dinner. I had a whole plan and then the roof thing threw me off. I was trying to get my head back into the game when you came home talking that ridiculous year long job shit.”

“So get back on track,” I say as I climb on top of him, straddling my legs on either side of him.

He holds my breasts in his hands, because he can’t help but grab and hold something dangling in front of him. Especially my tits. Even during a marriage proposal, my caveman is a freak. We kiss each other passionately.

“Then make me the happiest man on earth and marry me, princess. Your majesty demands it.”

Cutter and I may continue to have our differences of opinion. Even our battles. But on this we can agree. I want to spend every waking moment with him that I can. So the answer is simple.

“I do.”