Getting Amazon Followers

Here’s a confession…indie authors will often ask readers to follow them on Amazon but at the time of this writing we have zero idea how many followers we have. Crazy, right? Because of this I didn’t ask people to follow me there. The whole fact that my follower number was shrouded in mystery bothered the heck out of my controlling ass.

BUT…I have since changed my tune.

When readers follow an author on Amazon, Amazon will send out emails featuring your new releases or your preorders to those people. Here’s an example of Amazon sending out an email about a preorder for RUSH to my followers. It’s been my experience that when these emails are sent out, I see a noticeable bump in sales.

Amazon gives the reader many opportunities to follow you under your author profile, under each individual book on the website, and on Kindle/Kindle App when you first start the book and when you finish the book. But when I run a promotion or a giveaway, I will often ask a reader to follow me there as well. (Do this by linking to your Amazon author page profile. Ex.

It doesn’t hurt and may even help.

Even though it still drives me nuts that we don’t know the numbers:)