Scrivener Tips: How To Save Your Compile Settings

Attention, attention. I am NOT a Scrivener expert nor do I believe that any writer who actually is trying to make a living at his or her craft should spend hours watching tutorials or paying for Scrivener workshops. I don’t knock anyone’s hustle for providing Scrivener services, but I just don’t have the time. So…I’ve decided to publish (real world) Scrivener tips and hacks as I dig further into this amazing software and publish. So here’s my first tip…

Saving Your Compile Settings In Scrivener

Before I started writing fiction, I published several non-fiction books using Scrivener and every single time I went to compile the book for Amazon, Nook, iBooks or make a PDF; I had to fiddle around with those damn compile settings. It is a nightmare when you don’t know what you’re doing, and you want your manuscript to compile a particular way.

So here’s what you do:

1. Click on COMPILE as if you were about to compile your manuscript.

2. Click on the Option Key on your keyboard and you will notice that the COMPILE button on your screen will now say SAVE.

3. When you scroll over that SAVE button it will say “Save Without Compiling” and then you will click SAVE.

Your COMPILE settings have now been saved without having to actually compile your document.  Now when you go to compile this document again or another manuscript you may have, Scrivener will already have these setting saved for you. No tweaking necessary unless you want to tweak:)


Note: I am using Scrivener on a Mac; but Windows users should click Save & Close when doing step #3.

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